July 13   Sae Dong Nae

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We welcomed our friends from Sae Dong Nae for the bi-annual visit last Friday. They spent time with each of the classes undertaking activities such as origami, drumming and teaching the younger children to write their name in Korean.

In the afternoon, Year 2 played their recorders and Year 3 played their ukuleles during an assembly. Our visitors entertained us in return with drumming, skipping and singing.




June 28   Sports Week 2014

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We had a fantastic Sports Day on Monday this week followed by a whole series of activities during the rest of the week.

Thank you to Mr Sneddon for taking these fabulous pictures of Sports Day on our behalf.



















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Congratulations to Chickpea class who have won the prize for the most marbles in their jar this half term!

Summer 1 2014 - Wellstead Ball Jars

May 22   Weaving Club

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Year R have been working really hard in weaving club. They learnt the technique of weaving and have produced some lovely creations. They have weaved with paper, card, ribbon and a variety of different materials. They enjoyed creating a weaving picture and framing it. They then worked together to weave on a bigger scale. They used wallpaper and pieces of colourful material to create some lovely long pictures that have now been hung in Chickpea class. They look beautiful!

Well done Year R!

Miss Parker

Weaving Club on PhotoPeach

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Spring 2 2014

Congratulations to Oat class who have won the prize for the most marbles in their jar this half term!

April 2   Sport Relief MIle

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Year R took part in the school Sport Relief Mile.
The children were sponsored to run 4 laps of the playing field to raise money for charity. They were very enthusiastic about taking part.
We would like to thank all who sponsored the children and for those who were able to come and watch the children race. We hope that you enjoyed the running as much as the children and teachers did.
Year R Sport Relief Mile on PhotoPeach

March 6   World Book Day 2014

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Reading makes us HAPPY!

World Book Day 2014 from Becky Roberts on Vimeo.

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Well….our first week back after half term has been a busy one! The children thoroughly enjoyed Arts Week, learning about new artists and having the opportunity to learn, practice and consolidate their newly learnt skills and techniques. This week has really highlighted that there are some fine young artists amongst us.
Throughout the week the children moved around their Key Stage, being taught by different teachers within the school. The teacher focused on one of their most favourite artists, teaching the children about the artist, showing some example of that artists work, and teaching the techniques needed to accomplish their own master piece inspired by their most favourite arts of the week.
We hope the children enjoyed their week, coming home and telling all that they had learnt and experienced. We also hoped you enjoyed the gallery viewing of all the children’s work. We appreciated your comments that you made and look forward to feeding this back to the children. Please see the photos that the teachers have taken of the children hard at work.
If you would like to see some of the master pieces in all their glory there will be a few pieces displayed in our ‘Wall of Frame’ which can be located outside of Mr Clarke’s office.

Arts Week – 2014 on PhotoPeach

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Do you think you know lots about bananas?

Have a go at Foncho’s banana quiz – let us know how you scored by commenting below!


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We have had a variety of bits and pieces going on this week marking the start of Fairtrade Fortnight.

We will tell you more soon but here is a taster for you!

Have a look at this clip and meet Foncho – he will tell you what this Fairtrade Fortnight is all about…

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